Barbara Bodnar

Client Services Project Manager

As our Client Services Project Manager, Barbara likes to say her work is about making sure everything runs smoothly across teams. What it means is that she will go above and beyond to connect and enable our departments to collectively solve problems, improve our ways of working and ensure the way we operate meets the needs of all our clients.

Barbara has a legitimate interest and deep knowledge on sustainability, health and nutrition. After studying dietetics, she quickly became fanatic – her word – about food waste, resource efficiency and packaging, and worked as a CSR certifications coordinator in the food industry. If you are looking for the common denominator between passion, problem solver, creativity, insane planning skills and pumpkin spice latte with extra cinnamon, that’s Barbara.

Barbara is committed to “walking the talk”. In her professional life, trhough her contribution to SustainCERT’s verification and certification work, obviously, but also in her personal life, where she bikes to work everyday, no matter the wind, the cold or the rain. When she is not working, it is honeslty hard to keep up with Barbara. Running, more cycling, reading, yoga, swimming, knitting, inventing new recipes or dancing, this is just an overview of her regular activities.

  • Joined SustainCERT in March 2020
  • Based in our Amsterdam Office