Software & Services

Fusing technology with deep climate expertise

At SustainCERT we combine long-established climate expertise with innovative, cutting-edge digital solutions to bring a new and unique offering for impact verification. One that brings speed, quality and scalability.

We are the credibility layer - enabling those who take action to confirm that what they do to achieve climate impact is trustworthy.

Game-changing digitalization

The future of climate impact verification is now! By bringing cutting-edge digital technology to the verification industry for the first time, and combining it with our long-established climate expertise, we are providing the speed and accuracy needed to make credible climate action the new normal.

Key Features & benefits of our digital approach

  • Digital Project Management

    Transforming the verification process from one that is manual and analogue to one that is digital.

    • Digitized Process & Workflow

      Improved efficiencies in certification, validation & verification submission processes with a digitized and step by step workflow.

    • User-Friendly interface

      Easy to understand project status and next steps with a simple interface and dashboard.

    • Centralized Document Management

      Single space for documents, data and workflows for both carbon offsets and Scope 3 impacts.

    • Online Support

      A knowledge-based repository housed with FAQs and direct customer suport are available for immediate assistance.

  • Digital Verification

    Increasing the speed, accuracy and frequency at which climate impact can be verified.

    • Direct Data Ingest

      Digitally monitored data from climate projects is ingested by our platform. No more excel sheets!

    • Automated Data Verification

      Data is verified based on data science to ensure plausibility and alignment with recognized methodologies.

    • Automated Calculations

      Emission reductions are automatically calculated in line with carbon standard methodologies.

    • Online near real-time reporting

      A monitoring and verification report is generated in the platform.

  • Tracking & Transfer

    Enabling corporates to account, track, transfer and report verified impacts from value chain interventions.

    • Unitization

      Verified climate impacts from value chain interventions are unitized for inclusion in corporate GHG inventory reporting.

    • Tracking

      Verified impacts can be allocated to multiple players up and down a value chain and tracked to safeguard against double counting.

    • Reporting

      Verified impacts can be used by value chain players in their Scope 3 reporting to demonstrate progress towards their targets.