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A Better Understanding of Certification Requirements & Carbon Market Dynamics

SustainCERT Academy aims to provide eLearning and live webinar tranings for Validator and Verification Bodies (VVB), Roster of Experts (RoE), subject matter experts (SME), and carbon project developers. The goal is to standardize and streamline the learning process around environmental financing programs, carbon credit development and carbon market trends. Register for a new account or log back in here.


As an official certification body for Gold Standard, SustainCERT provides live training to help Project Developers and VVBs navigate the Standard’s latest rule updates, requirements and documents.


Trainings and resources created by SustainCERT, Gold Standard, and other partners are recorded, structured in various curriculum, and made available to stakeholders 24/7. 

Knowledge base

An online searchable help portal that hosts series of articles, FAQ, and user guides related to the certification process, how to use the SustainCERT app, register a Gold Standard account, and more.

Verification & Validation Bodies 

SustainCERT offers basic training for new, approved and accredited Verification and Validation Bodies (VVBs) and the eligible auditors within their organizations. With access to structured curriculum and resources, the SustainCERT Academy provides a standardized and flexible way to learn and pass the Gold Standard VVB exam.  

Verification and Validation Bodies (VVBs) aid the monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) process which are required elements in Gold Standard carbon project design and performance certification. VVB third-party assessments offer objective confirmation that projects meet the requirements of the carbon credit process.  


Project Developers

Project Developers are individuals, companies, or associations of entities who actively are designing, implementing, or monitoring carbon offset projects. To satisfy requirements of the carbon credit certification process, project developers must document key project information such as eligibility, safeguarding principles assessment, defined Sustainable Development Goal impacts, methodologies followed, demonstration of financial additionality, and monitoring plan.

Quarterly training have been available to project developers wanting to develop Gold Standard projects. The SustainCERT Academy goes one step further. It provides as much training opportunity as possible all in one place and added flexibility to learn about the carbon credit certification process.  

Start learning here to get your next carbon project certified!


Roster of Experts

Roster of Experts (ROEs) are independent, objective professionals who provide peer review of methodologies, project design documents and other reporting required by the carbon credit certification process.  

ROEs have historically managed their own training, either through professional experience or by self-teaching. The SustainCERT Academy is an additional tool with targeted resources to facilitate the learning process and build shared understanding.