User-Centric Impact Assessment

Value Chain Impact Certification

About 40% of the global GHG emissions are driven – or influenced – by companies through their purchases and the products they sell. A growing awareness about other environmental, social and economic externalities, or the impacts of business’ commercial activity to unrelated people or ecosystems, is prompting many companies to initiate activities that make a positive difference. Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable and traceable products and services. All this calls for rigorous, efficient ways to measure and report on impact.

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in the supply chain, recognised by GHG Protocol, for improved reporting to CDP and counting toward Science Based Targets
  • Certified SDG impacts for credible internal and external sustainability reporting, including contributions to ‘net-positive’ goals
  • Embedding sustainability attributes, including emission reductions, deforestation-free, water management, or other claims into products and services for brand differentiation and price premiums
  • Deforestation-free
  • Net-zero carbon
  • No child labour
  • Water-sensitive