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How to Net Zero is our in-house podcast, bringing together industry experts and climate frontrunners to explore the challenges we face in implementing net zero and dive into how we can collectively drive forward decarbonization.

We explore questions such as: how can we zero out emissions? How can we formulate and accurately measure progress against targets and goals? And how can we ensure claims about emission reductions can be trusted?

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Latest episode How can we decarbonise our food systems? | Episode 2 | 52:30
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Decarbonizing chocolate with Tilmann Silber

In Episode 2 of Series 3 of How to Net Zero, podcast host Marion Verles, CEO of SustainCERT, dives deeper into the key challenges and levers to decarbonise the global food and agriculture sector. Talking reforestation and agroforestry with Tilmann Silber, Global Climate and Forest Lead at Barry Callebaut, the world's largest chocolate manufacturer, this episode explores how market-based accounting continues to provide Barry Callebaut with a way to credibly measure, report on and claim the climate investments they’re making in their supply chain. Packed full of insights, this episode will give you a sneak peek into how we can decarbonise chocolate: one of the world’s best-loved foods.

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