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How to Net Zero is our in-house podcast, bringing together industry experts and climate frontrunners to explore the challenges we face in implementing net zero and dive into how we can collectively drive forward decarbonization.

We explore questions such as: how can we zero out emissions? How can we formulate and accurately measure progress against targets and goals? And how can we ensure claims about emission reductions can be trusted?

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Latest episode Credibility in the Voluntary Carbon Market | Episode 4 | 55:47
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Can technology help scale the carbon market with integrity?

In Episode 4, we explored emerging digital solutions and other innovative technologies in the MRV space with Oliver Bolton, CEO Earthly and Rebekah Braswell, CEO of Land Life. Looking at the potential impact these technologies hold to drive integrity in carbon markets, Oliver and Rebekah shared insights from their experience, highlighting the opportunities they see for real progress, as well as the challenges they have experienced historically. Together, we ask: how do we make sure we leverage technology to scale the carbon market with integrity?


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