An online academy to better understand carbon market dynamics and certification requirements.

The SustainCERT Academy is live to facilitate the 24/7 learning process around environmental financing programs, carbon credit development and carbon market trends with a combination of online courses, live webinar trainings, a resource library and connection to SustainCERT’s Knowledge Base.

In their simplest definition, carbon credits are a straightforward concept. The reality for those developing or verifying carbon offset projects is often more complex. Sophisticated methodologies have been developed over the years to ensure offsets are real, have not led to any unintended negative consequences and are not double counted. While those improve the overall quality of credits, the certification process and documentation can be hard to follow. Many people learning about markets want to learn at their own pace through online tututorial. SustainCERT Academy aims to provide it.

Carbon certification requires detailed documentation on a project’s eligibility, methodologies followed and monitoring plans, among other things. People get confused or don’t know where to begin. The SustainCERT Academy helps them get started and can hopefully make certification a little simpler for them.

Tiffany Potter, Senior Business Development Manager, SustainCERT

The SustainCERT Academy aims to support the development of the voluntary carbon market by bringing as much training opportunities all in one place. It lowers barriers to best-practice and high-quality offsets by providing a streamlined, flexible and standardized way to learn about carbon certification processes, requirements and documentation.

First courses available for Project Developers and Verification & Validation Bodies

As an official certification body for Gold Standard, SustainCERT has been providing trainings to help Carbon Project Developers and Validation & Verification Bodies (VVBs) navigate the Standard’s rule updates, requirements and documentation. The Academy makes it a more integrated experience.

Online courses aggregate resources created by SustainCERT, Gold Standard and other partners in step-by-step lessons that are easy to follow. They provide the basic training for VVBs to pass the Gold Standard VVB exam or for Project Developers to get started with carbon certification.

Live training and webinar, for which registration is available from the Academy’s event calendar, aim to provide further guidance and deep dive specific topics. Additionally, a library with all relevant resources Is also available from the Academy.