Working to make carbon impact verification

We are a carbon impact verification organization developing digital verification solutions to bring credibility to climate action. In a context where uncertainty and concerns around greenwashing is high, our work ensures impact are real, realized and in line with global standards.   

A next-generation verifier

Verifiers are the credibility layer necessary to avoid greenwashing but are one of the few actors left untouched by the digital revolution. We are shooting for the moon when it comes to setting ambitious climate targets yet still rely on archaic tools to make sure we are delivering on them.

At SustainCERT, we are developing the world’s first software platform to enable digital verification of impact claims across carbon markets  and value chains. We strive for both speed and quality because we believe creating a race to the top, where those who take action can be recognized and incentivized to aim higher, is the only way to truly meet our collective climate objectives.  

Value for businesses, people and planet

Our work follows best practice as defined by the ISEAL Code of Good Practice and aligns with internationally recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Gold Standard for the Global Goals to ensure carbon projects or value chain interventions deliver on their promises and avoid greenwashing.

As an official certification body for Gold Standard we contributed to:

Projects certified
Tons of CO2e issued
in shared value for climate action and sustainable development

SustainCERT is trusted by more than 1000 companies

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International Women’s Day 2023

This year’s focus is Embracing Equity – but what is Equity? To me, it’s a hard-won promise. Equity is not handed to you on your day of birth, it’s a promise you must fight for, day after day. And one we must make to ourselves with everyone else in mind.

2022 podcast Season 1: Insights on navigating Climate Claims

In 2022 we launched “How to Net Zero”, a podcast which brings together industry experts and climate frontrunners to explore the challenges we face in implementing plans to achieve Net Zero. In this first season we explored with leading experts a common theme: exactly how do we make sure climate claims are credible?

White Paper: Principles for best-practice digital verification

This white paper looks at the implications of digitalization for the verification of GHG emission reductions or removals. Two promising blueprints Two promising blueprints for using digital approaches to verify carbon projects are presented and assessed, resulting in a series of principles to contribute to the discussion and guide further work on digital verification.

ESMC is the First US Market Program to Achieve Multiple Milestones

ESMC’s program achieved project design certification, which means it aligns with the Value Change Initiative Guidanc. A subset of enrolled Eco-Harvest producers were also verified to show the reported soil carbon removals and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions are materially correct, making ESMC’s program the first Value Chain Intervention to reach this milestone of combined validation and verification in the US.

New Report: Assessment of Digital MRV

Digital MRV is still a nascent field. This paper provides a snapshot of the state of activities, actors, opportunities, and barriers in the digital MRV space in two project types that are particularly important to current voluntary carbon markets

Digital Verification Solutions for Carbon Markets Could Fast-Track Climate Action

A recent Innovate4Climate workshop focused on technology’s role in improving carbon accounting verification processes. SustainCERT and INFRAS explored how digitization will revolutionize emissions-reductions verification in both voluntary and compliance markets

The ‘climate tech’ gold rush is here – but who’s going to verify its credibility and claims?

We are shooting for the moon when it comes to setting ambitious climate targets and investing in new solutions, yet relying on archaic tools to make sure we are reaching them - that needs to change, argues SustainCERT CEO Marion Verles

3 things to know about our work, where we are headed and why

Getting clarity on what is really delivered on the ground is paramount. Where greenwashing is a problem, we see credible claims as the solution. And where monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) remains limited, we see a potential for digital technologies.


To make the right switch, a redefinition of the rules and new, digital-MRV compatible requirements are necessary. SustainCERT is actively engaging with key carbon market actors drive consensus on what best-practice should look like in a digital context.

Piloting digital verification & reporting with Greenko

User-centric is the only approach to developing solutions that meet the needs of those who will actually use them. Seshagiri Rao from Greenko Group shares his experience on piloting our platform's digital verification & reporting capabilities.

Meet our latest Board Members

SustainCERT is growing, and so is our Board. We are thrilled to announce Emmanuelle Aoustin and Valerie Arnold have joined...

Beiersdorf’s Responsible Shea Supply Chain reaches validation

Beiersdorf’s Responsible Shea Supply Chain, a SustainCERT Value Change pilot, has reached validation. An important milestone that signals a value chain intervention – and its related GHG mitigation activities – has been planned according to credible guidelines and requirements and is in line with leading climate science.