Looking to transition your CDM project to Gold Standard?

If you have a high-impact CDM project or Program of Activities (PoA) that is at risk of discontinuation or you are worried about missing out on future revenue from non-issued or unsold CERs? Transitioning to Gold Standard may be the right solution for you.

This page intends to provide additional clarity to project developers who are thinking of transitioning their CDM projects and/or PoAs (or projects from other standards) to Gold Standard. The information provided here does not supersede or replace Gold Standard’s GHG Emissions Reduction & Sequestration Product Requirements Annex B Version 2.0 published on the 1st of April 2021 (>>See Here)

SustainCERT intends to;

  1. Help you Screen your Projects for Eligibility
  2. Provide an overview of Important Details to Know
  3. Provide guidance on the Transition Options & Timelines
  4. Help you Transition your Project


Eligibility for CDM transition under Gold Standard

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RE Eligibility?

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  • Combined certification steps to ease the transition – please see transitioning options section below for more info
  • Projects transitioning from CDM can continue using their current methodology until the time of renewal of their crediting period
  • Projects may access 2 years retroactive (backdated) VER crediting from the time of first submission to GS
  • Transition request form updated to simplify + accelerate review process – allows project developers to demonstrate compliance with the transition requirements without the need to develop totally new gold standard project documentation (e.g. GS PDD)
  • Eligible CDM energy or waste projects are not required to deregister from CDM
  • Eligible CDM A/R projects are required to deregister from CDM
  • GS VERs can be issued for the maximum crediting period allowed as per the Gold Standard Activity Requirements, or the crediting period under the project’s previous standard, whichever ends first
  • GS CERs maintain their existing crediting cycle and maximum crediting periods upon transition to Gold Standard. Crediting period and project start date is not defined by when your project is approved to transition to Gold Standard
  • Project renewal under Gold Standard is 5 years


To minimise disruption and keep the transition review time and costs minimum, the projects are provided with flexibilities as summarised in the table below;

For more information on CDM transition fees click here. If you are interested in option 2 (table above) and want to know more about fee schedule, please contact us at help@sustain-cert.com

*Certification Stage Glossary:
PRELIMINARY REVIEW is conducted once at the time of first submission to Gold Standard. It involves desk review of the Key Project Information and Draft Project Design Document by SustainCERT.
DESIGN CERTIFICATION (validation + design review) involves validation by VVB and design review by SustainCERT. With successful design certification the Project will obtain ‘Certified design’ status that is equivalent to registration under CDM and other standard. Please note that in Option 2 these steps are completed by SustainCERT only.
PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATION (verification + performance review) involves verification by VVB and performance review by SustainCERT. The positive conclusion of the Performance Review period shall result in Gold Standard ‘Certified Project status’ and Project can issue GSVERs. The project may opt for combined Design Certification, conducting both the first Verification and Performance Review under GS at the same time.
>>> Refer to Section 5. Project cycle Principles and Requirements for details.
**FOR OPTION 1: A validation site visit by VVB is not required as long as the VVB conducted a site visit as part of validation/verification in last three years (from time of first submission for preliminary review) and new/updated information can be audited based on desk review and/or using remote audit approaches.
***FOR OPTION 2: SustainCERT conducts project design elements desk based audit and approve project transition, without VVB’s opinion. If transition project is applying a new/latest version of the methodology which requires full audit but VVB, option 2 cannot be applied.

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    • If we answered all your questions and you feel confident to start the transition to Gold Standard, you can download the Gold Standard Transition Request Form and get a feel for the information that is required
    • If the Gold Standard Transition Request Form is complete or near completion please follow these steps to submit the form
    • If you are not confident yet and you still have some questions about transitioning, please fill in this Project Idea Note and we will get back to you as soon as possible

If you’re interested in finding out more about the changes and developments currently underway in the voluntary carbon market and for CDM transition relevant documents, information on the amended fees and the Q&A section please visit the Gold Standard Website