Scope 3 Software

An emission factor software that helps corporates account, track, transfer and report the impacts from climate action in their value chain.

Corporate Reporting

Value Chain or Scope 3 emissions are often the largest source of corporate carbon footprints, yet to date they have been the lowest area of focus for most companies. Direct action remains limited in part because Scope 3 emissions are inherently more difficult to manage and because there is a general lack of practical guidance on how to account for emission reductions and removals that can be achieved across a company’s value chain.


Tackling corporates most pressing decarbonisation needs

Building on our strong carbon market expertise and intimate relationship with benchmark reporting standards, we are ideally positioned to solve corporate’s most pressing value chain GHG accounting problems.

From value chain emissions reporting to monetization via carbon markets, we are the only company able to offer corporates verification and certification solution for all components of climate strategies.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services include capacity building and discovery phases to support corporates pursuing Scope 3 impact verification.

Whether you are looking for an assessment of your Scope 3 quantification, monitoring, and reporting strategy, or for clarity on process, rules and requirements for verification , our services are tailored to your needs.


Scope 3 and Value Chain impact verification

SustainCERT is providing companies with verification and certification services for interventions aimed at creating GHG emission reductions and removals in their value chain. Verification pathways aim to:

  • Provide companies with clear feedback on the credibility of their GHG outcomes and how to use the results of interventions in the context of their sustainability and Scope 3 reporting.
  • Lay the foundation for scalable value change verification systems.








Value Change

The Value Change Initiative is a multistakeholder forum led by SustainCERT and Gold Standard to drive action at scale and make net-zero value chains possible.

It brings together leading corporate actors, civil society, and internationally recognized frameworks, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Science Based Targets Initiative, to co-create best practice guidance and tools to address and account for Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions up and down value chains.

Guidance documents and tools developed under the different Value Change workstreams enable companies to credibly report on emissions reductions toward performance targets, in line with best-practice accounting and reporting frameworks like the GHG Protocol and Science-Based Targets.

Get Involved

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