When it comes to generating carbon credits, project developers must often choose between speed and quality. At SustainCERT, we are striving for both because we believe creating a race to the top in carbon markets is the only way to truly meet our climate objectives. And because we know carbon markets, we understand the role digital technologies can play in bringing the credibility, transparency, and efficiency it needs.


High quality carbon standards require third party verification. While this is key to ensuring credits correlate to real impact, most verifiers are still using manual or analogue processes that are inefficient and cumbersome. The paper trail alone is hard to keep track off.

Our work is designed to bring impact verification for carbon markets into the digital age and increase the speed, accuracy and frequency at which carbon credits can be verified and issued.

We are proud to announce our new digital verification & reporting capabilities for grid connected renewable energy projects is being launched for further testing with additional projects.

What can you expect from our digital verification and reporting capabilities

  • API Integration: Digitally monitored data from grid-connected renewable energy projects is ingested by our Platform. No more excel sheets.
  • Digitally Verified Data: Data is processed and verified based on data science to ensure plausibility and alignment with carbon standard methodologies.
  • Automated Calculations: Emission reductions are automatically calculated in line with carbon standard methodologies.
  • Online near real-time reporting: A monitoring and verification report is generated in the Platform.


Join us in testing our new digital verification and reporting capabilities to help shape the future of digital MRV in carbon markets. Get a look inside the next-generation of MRV solutions, gain early adopter experience and benefit from the speed and quality digital technologies can bring.

We are looking for projects to onboard onto the Platform and provide feedback on the process and the data verification and emission reduction outcomes. This is a vital phase to understanding user needs and to designing a final solution that meets those needs in the best possible way.

  • Who can participate?
    Renewable Energy Grid Connected or Renewable Energy Micro-scale projects that:
    • Are Gold Standard registered
    • Have digital meter(s) available or are willing to install at project site
    • Are willing to coordinate remote access to the generation data
  • What will piloting entail?
    • 1 session to on-board our platform and assess verification input (~2 hours)
    • 1 session to discuss verification output (~1 hour)
    • 1 focus group for feedback (~ 1.5 hours)
  • Timeline
    • The pilots will run for 2,5 months
D-MRV Sign up


We are working to create a market where projects have access to the best available digital-MRV solutions and where providers can strive for quality. This is not something we can do alone, and while we work on developing the SustainCERT Platform, we are also actively engaging with carbon standards and key actors in our space to drive consensus on new, digital-MRV compatible requirements.