Digital Verification

SustainCERT’s mission is to develop digital verification solutions to bring credibility to climate action. We are excited to be launching our digital verification platform in 2023. 

Digital monitoring, reporting and verification (DMRV) will bring impact verification for carbon markets into the digital age. Our pioneering platform will transform the verification process from one that is manual to one that is digital.  This increases the speed, accuracy and frequency at which carbon credits can be verified and issued.

Why be a first user?

We will launch our platform with grid connected renewable energy projects and we are currently onboarding our first users.

Experience a more efficient, quicker, cost-effective verification process

Be one of the first projects to receive frequent near real time issuance of credits

Proven results of how digital verification improves the process speed and accuracy of impact measurement

Digital Verification

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Direct Data Ingest

Digitally monitored data from climate projects is ingested by our platform. No more excel sheets!

Feature Available

Automated Data Verification

Data is verified based on data science to ensure plausibility and alignment with recognized methodologies.

Feature Available

Automated Calculations

Emission reductions are automatically calculated in line with carbon standard methodologies.

Feature Available

Online near real-time reporting

A monitoring and verification report is generated in the platform.

Feature Available

Project requirements to transition to our digital verification platform

Our approach

We are working to create a market where projects have access to the best available digital-MRV solutions and where providers can strive for quality. This is not something we can do alone, and while we work on developing the SustainCERT Platform, we are also actively engaging with carbon standards and key actors in our space to drive consensus on new, digital-MRV compatible requirements.