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Bringing together industry experts, climate frontrunners and carbon geeks to explore Net Zero implementation challenges and promising approaches or innovation that can help overcome them.


Latest episode: The Regulator Speaks

Season 1 | Episode 03 | 40min


Net Zero. Companies and governments have made it their sustainability north star and chances are it made some form of headlines in recent news. Met with enthusiasm and swiftly followed with concerns around greenwashing, the big question we now urgently need an answer to is HOW – how do we zero out emissions? How do we formulate and accurately measure progress against targets and goals? How do we ensure claims about emission reductions achieved can be trusted? Let’s find out! 

Join our hosts Marion Verles and Lucy Von Sturmer as they explore Net Zero through the lens of those who work to make it happen. 


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Navigating Climate Claims

This first series focuses on clarifying the confusion, myths and controversies around different types of climate claims that are often misused, running corporates the risk of greenwashing.

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Season 1, Trailer    |    9min

Welcome to How to Net Zero

It’s fair to say that the difference between Net Zero becoming an empty buzzword vs a real driver for emission reductions lies in the solutions we find to get there. In this trailer episode we want to give you a sneak peak into the WHY of this podcast, HOW to NET ZERO and what you can expect.

Season 1, Episode 01    |    53min

The wide spectrum of climate claims

Understanding the defining factors of net zero, carbon neutral and other climate claims is complex, and perhaps the reason for the growing issue of greenwashing. To inaugurate this podcast, we thought drilling down into these concepts to better undertsand what they mean would be a good place to start.

Season 1, Episode 02    |    35min

What is Net Zero?

In this episode we speak with Alberto Carrillo on the basic principles behind Net Zero and setting credible strategies. With many critics calling companies out on “fake zero” strategies, we deep dive on the issues that have led to misleading Net Zero claims and look to better understand what differentiates “good” Net Zero commitments from “bad ones”. 

Gilles Dufrasnes on How to Net Zero

Season 1, Episode 03    |    40min

Climate Claims & Regulation

From the newsroom, to the boardroom, to the policy office, everyone is talking about greenwashing and regulation as a potential solution. In the lead-up to COP27, we met with Gilles Dufrasne from Carbon Market Watch to discuss this very hot topic. To what extent can regulation be the solution to greenwashing? Where should we draw the line between what is voluntary and what is not? 

Mardi McBrien on How to Nez Zero podcast

Season 1, Episode 04    |    37min

The Regulator Speaks

What does a Net Zero future look like from a regulator’s perspective? How is regulation transforming corporate business models? And how are companies responding? In this final episode of our series on navigating climate claims, we speak with Mardi McBrien, Director of Strategic Affairs at the IFRS Foundation, and explore the ins and outs of climate disclosure standards and the corporate world’s response. 

Meet your hosts

Marion Verles

CEO of SustainCERT – an impact verification organization on a mission to bring credibility to climate action through digital verification.

Marion is a climate and sustainable development entrepreneur, and has worked for 20 years to transform the impact industry to become more accessible, transparent and scalable.

She takes a systems-thinking approach to tackling the challenge of aligning economic prosperity with planetary prosperity, which spawned her vision for SustainCERT. 

Lucy Von Sturmer

Lucy von Sturmer is initiator of global non-profit intelligence network Creatives for Climate, and Founder of The Humblebrag, an award-winning communications agency and training academy using visibility and media impact as tools for change.

Lucy is a climate communications expert, business activist and impact entrepreneur, recognized by The University of Auckland as a ‘40 Under 40’ change-maker, and by Forbes as a new leader transforming business for good.


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