Annyta Luo

Director of Certification - Energy

As our Energy Carbon Certification Director, Annyta oversees the certification process and manages our portfolio for Energy & Waste projects. On a daily basis, she will typically allocate certification reviews to our Roster of Experts and Certification Officers, answer queries – that is no small task – update project information and follow-up with project developers. A mix between technical, certification and IT calls or reports.

Annyta started her career in the certification industry and, more that 10 years later, she is all in still. Her enthusiasm unchanged, she welcomes challenges and always finds a way to learn and improve. Project design, environemental and social safeguards or monitoring plans have no secrets for her. Over time, Annyta also learned to master time management and, in all honesty, stoping time is the only trick she hasn’t figured out yet.

On the weekends, you are most likely going to find Annyta playing with her son, watching sports – football, basketball or tennis usually – or enjoying fish filets in hot chili oil. Her favorite.

  • Joined SustainCERT right from the start (2018), after 10 years at Gold Standard.
  • Based in China (Beijing)