Deepak Kumar

Senior Manager - IT Operations

Deepak is our IT Operations Senior Manager and can be described as the magician we turn to whenever laptops, software and online platforms start acting weird. But that’s just a tiny fraction of what he does. Deepak manages all internal IT operations, meaning he sets up systems to support day to day operations – such as configuring and customizing CRM functions, managing IT security and infrastructure or providing support to SustainCERT Application’s users. Yes, he is a busy person.

If anyone can help with IT, it is Deepak. Not only because of his background – he holds a Master of Computer Applications – but because of his dedication and patience. He always takes time to walk us through new platforms or technical issues – even if it’s the third time this month – and keeps on looking for ways to improve or stay up to date on new areas of development. Deepak has SustainCERT’s mission at heart, and knowing that his work contributes to meaningful environmental impact highly motivates him.

When he is not learning about cybersecurity or cloud computing, Deepak likes to play badminton, cook and read philosophy. He also enjoys his daily yoga session, which he usually extends to 2 hours on the weekends.

  • Joined SustainCERT in January 2019, after 3 years at Gold Standard
  • Based in India (New Delhi)