Denise Welch

Senior Sustainability Analyst

As Senior Sustainability Analyst, Denise delivers consulting work addressing innovative approaches in both carbon and broader sustainability markets. She likes to describe her work as helping clients to maximize their sustainability impact, and the way she goes about it involves a blend of assessments, attention for details, amazing listening skills and efficiency.

Ask Denise why impact verification matters and you will get a glimpse of how serious she is about her work: “have you seen the state of our planet? The only way we will really change things is with credible reporting and long-term verification pathways that maximize impact and create value”. Over her 15 years in environmental and sustainable development work, Denise facilitated the implementation of mitigation and adaptation projects, designed climate action plans and advised on climate policies at sub-national level. She also worked for the Gold Standard Foundation, contributing to the development of several versions of the standard, so she knows her stuff.

When she is not working, you will most likely find Denise enjoying nature walks, spending time with her husband and children or gardening. And the probability that any of these activities involve some kind of cheese snack is fairly high. Some people cannot function without coffee or their phone; for Denise it is Swiss cheese.

  • Joined the team in August 2020
  • Based in Switzerland (Geneva)