Dino De Francesco

Communications & Marketing Director

Dino is our Communications & Marketing Director. His job? Take everything our teams are doing and finding ways to package it in content that help others understand and engage with our work. Sometimes it’s an article or a landing page, sometimes a brochure, a speech, a newsletter or a colorful infographic, you name it.

From developing the strategy all the way to the actual writing or designing, Dino likes to do it all. It’s the combination between problem solving and creativity he enjoys most in his work, even more so when it contributes to driving change and advancing global sustainability efforts. At 6 years old, Dino asked his parents to paint the rainforest on his bedroom walls – they settled for a giant poster – and he grew from deaming about the natural world to working for organizations that want to protect it.

SDGs, sub-national climate action, green Infrastructure, sustainable finance, Dino has worked on many topics and has all the tools to help us foster inspiring, meaningful and original conversations on Carbon Markets, Scope 3 reporting and the role technology can play there. Outside of work, Dino enjoys spending time with his friends and being outdoors. He snowboards in the winter – he is a certified instructor – likes to surf in the summer and learned to build his own boards on days with no waves.

  • Started in March 2020
  • Based in Switzerland (Neuchâtel)