Gustave Coste

LCA Specialist

Gustave Coste is one of the tech savvies in our team. With a combined background in environmental engineering and informatics, Gustave is what you could call a “hybrid”. A pretty unique set of skills. He is currently based in his home country, France, in the beautiful commune of Apt, where he enjoys being close to nature and the mountains.

In his daily job as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) specialist, he puts his knowledge in environmental engineering and expertise in python development to explore and develop technical solutions to challenges mostly related to Life Cycle Assessment, data and tools in the context of our Scope 3 Software. But let’s get to know Gustave better by asking a few personal questions!

  • Why does bringing credibility to climate action matter to you?

At a personal level, I am very involved in climate action, but I believe actions are not enough. So far, the moves from the private sector have primarily resulted in greenwashing practices that just delay the action. I am convinced we need fast, strong and credible climate action if we want to preserve a liveable planet.

  • What are we most likely going to find you do on the weekends?

Hiking with my dog or climbing on the cliffs nearby.

  • What is your favourite family tradition?

I have a very large family, and we try to gather once every one or two years for big family parties.

  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done or seen before?

Wow, that’s a tricky question. I used to do a lot of caving, and a few years ago, I descended down to more than 1000m underground level; that was an exciting experience!

  • Would you rather have the power of stopping time whenever you wanted or the ability to turn invisible? Why?

The first one, for sure. In this way, I can have enough time to study everything!