Lisa Rosen

Senior Advisor

As Chief Operations Officer, Lisa will tell you her work consists of solving complex problems facing the organization, but she is far more than a “fixer”. She helps translate the big picture into operations and oversees the development, design, and improvement of SustainCERT’s environmental market services.

A lawyer by training, Lisa is mission-driven, articulate, and at times painstakingly accurate. Her work at SustainCERT is motivated by tireless optimism and the idea that markets can be used to drive positive impacts for people and the planet. Throughout her tenure she has managed the development of the new SustainCERT App, organizational management, certification matters, finance and legal issues. Really, she has done it all while maintaining her trademark sunny disposition, which she attributes to growing up in South Florida. Her management experience is extensive and global.

When she is not working, Lisa likes to play tennis, play chess with her family, and make people laugh – she is pretty good at it too. She will choose lasagna over chocolate mousse any day and describes herself as humble, passionate, and optimistic.

  • Joined SustainCERT right from the start (2018) after 10 years at Gold Standard.
  • Based in the United States (Boston Area)