Mariana Davila

Quality Manager

Mariana is our Quality Manager, which means she checks how our internal systems, teams, and processes are running and keeps everyone engaged in continuously improving together. Her mission is to help ensure our quality standards are met throughout our cross-functional work so that our customer satisfaction continues to grow. She is our go-to expert for everything ISO 9001, Quality Management Systems and standardized procedures.

Mariana is also an inexhaustible source of energizers and icebreakers for our all-team calls or workshops, always putting smiles on our faces and energy back into whatever it is that we are working on. If you had to describe her, it would most likely sound like this: incredibly energetic, social, friendly and reliable.

Mariana has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, a Master’s degree in Humanitarian Action, and lots of training in Agile/Lean approaches (even as a first responder!). She started working with NGOs right after graduation, and her primary motivation has always been the Mission. She experienced first-hand how climate change affects the most vulnerable and has SustainCERT’s mission at heart.

Outside of work, Mariana is an enthusiast about karaoke nights, can hula-hoop for more than 10 minutes and enjoys anything outdoors with friends. Climbing the Kilimanjaro and volunteering at a Panda nursery are some of the things on her bucket list, which she is planning for already.

  • Joined the team in May 2021
  • Based in the Hague, Netherlands and working in the Amsterdam Office