Marion Verles

Chief Executive Officer

As our CEO, Marion will tell you her job is to prepare for what’s coming next. She keeps her eyes on the future and is always thinking big for SustainCERT and the world. We all know we need to move fast on climate, and that is the speed at which Marion operates.

Marion deeply believes “intelligent” measurement has the power to transform our societies for the better. AI, DLT, IOT, technology is generally part of her approach and you could say her head is in the cloud when it comes to changing the world. Marion’s ambiton is contagious and her humility is empowering. She is the kind of leader that values emotional intelligence, and when you combine that with her background in finance and business administration, considerable knowledge of the carbon markets and proven ability to bring groundreaking ideas to life, she is as good a CEO as it gets.

Lifelong learner, Marion recently started a bachelor in psychology. When she is not studying, nor working, nor just taking a break – yes it happens – Marion enjoys cooking with her daughters, practicing meditation and yoga, running or rowing.

  • Transitioned as CEO of SustainCERT in June 2019 after 5 years at Gold Standard
  • Based in Switzerland (Zurich)