Neha Rao

Senior Director- CVV Excellence

As our Senior Director- CVV Excellence and the SME Mission Lead for Environmental Markets Software and Services, Neha’s work revolves around driving systemic improvements in Certification, Validation and Verification (CVV) processes, data management, software and capacities.

She is responsible for training staff and ensuring they have access to information required to comply with all relevant requirements related to Standards & Accreditation. She is also focusing on relationships with Standards, ROEs and VVBs to help them perform well and improve over time.

Just ask Neha about the kind of superpowers she wants – ability to eliminate stress and relieve anxiety for everybody – to understand the kind of person she is. Selfless, but also honest, curious and optimistic. If you combine this with her strong academic background, she worked as a research associate for the School of Forestry & Environmental Sciences at Yale University, and 11 years of certitication experience, Neha has all the skills needed for this job.

Neha sees impact verification as a powerfull tool to bring about the real and measurable changes we need. One that demonstrates impacts, builds confidence and will ultimately drive everyone to do better. Outside of work, she likes to wrestle with her little monster toddler – her words – and would love to hike the Chadar Trek, on Zanskar’s frozen river.

  • Joined SustainCERT right from the start, after 11 years at Gold Standard
  • Based in India (Hyderabad)