Rodrigo Castro

Head of Research

As Head of Research, Rodrigo plays a key role in the development of SustainCERT’s digital tools. Think of him as a translator. Someone who speaks both corporate sustainability and technology and can transform conversations with industry stakeholders into technical and business requirements for new digital solutions. That’s for the innovation side. In addition, Rod also shares his life cycle assessments expertise or works with his Research colleagues in support of the Advisory team or the company at large.

Rod worked as an architect for several years before deciding to start a doctoral degree in life cycle assessment – yup, just like that. No more drawing buildings, he now uses his sharp mind (and pencils) to design innovative tech tools. Attracted by the creative dynamism of start-ups, what Rod really likes about his job is the opportunity to be on the leading-edge of carbon markets research, working in multi-disciplinary teams and the feeling that what he does advances sustainable development.

Rod cannot function without his morning coffee, but once he’s had it, he is great to work with. His philosophy: listen to understand, communicate to build shared understanding and have the humility to accept that you can be wrong.

When he is not working, you’ll most likely find Rod walking in forest, swimming in lakes or riding his bike around town. He doesn’t want any superpowers – who needs them when you are a Life Cycle Specialist already – but he would love to walk the Camino de Santiago once.

  • Joined the team in March 2021
  • Based in Finland (soon to relocate to Luxembourg).