Simon Bolis

Value Chain Validation & Verification Director

Let’s travel all the way to Colombia to get to know Simon Bolis, our Value Chain Validation and Verification Director. Originally from France, he is currently residing in the Colombian city of Medellín, the capital of Antioquia departamento.

Thanks to his previous experience in developing forestry and agriculture carbon projects and his Environmental Engineering and Development studies, he is an excellent asset to the team. His role consists mainly in delivering high-quality validation and verification services to our corporate clients. He delivers that in the form of reviews, findings, interviews, as well as reports. Simon joined SustainCERT because he truly believes in our mission, which he considers a meaningful professional purpose that can impact the world we live in.

His passion for nature and the environment is also evident in what Simon enjoys in his free time. On weekends, you will probably find him “en route” with his bike or playing a beach volleyball match. Simon is also a food lover, especially spicy ones and prefers to prepare dishes himself rather than ordering them. He likes cooking fresh pasta and tasting Colombian delicacies like “Colombian Tamales”.