Stephen Benians

Climate Specialist

Half British, half Italian and currently living in Luxembourg, Stephen is a great representation of SustainCERT’s international spirit. As a Climate Specialist, Stephen’s work is inspiring and innovative, above all. His words. He works with clients who want their business models to be part of the climate solution – that’s the inspiring bit – and every day involves co-creating new services and verification requirements for real impact. His contribution is key to making sure climate commitments bring real and meaningful impact.

Stephen has a background in sustainability and innovation. Before SustainCERT, he was designing new digital tools and business models to deliver SDGs for the private and public sectors. Technology and impact; see why it clicked right away!

Stephen is an optimist and creative who loves to learn. On weekends, he likes running long distances and swimming. That’s when he’s not taxi-driving his kids between football and birthday parties, of course. Here is more about him.

  • Why does bringing credibility to climate action matter to you?

The science is clear: urgent action is needed to limit global warming to 1.5C. Credibility is vital because it’s only by measuring what’s real that we know if we’re on track. And only by scaling up what really works can we collectively get there on time. Credible climate action is humanity’s biggest challenge – and opportunity.

  • What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done or seen before?

Probably being in South Africa for the first post-apartheid democratic elections.

  • What’s your favorite family tradition?

In Tuscany, tining and conserving bio-tomatoes at September harvest time with friends; crisps and pizza on Fridays; Persian food on Sundays – hum, is this all about food?

  • Would you rather be given a lifetime supply of delicious food or books? Why?

A lifetime supply of books about delicious food would be ideal, but, yes, books! Books are real food for the soul. History, novels, science, poetry; I like most things on the menu. I’m still keen on the paper ones though; if I glance at a title on the bookshelf, its ideas and emotions spring back to mind.