Suvadip Neogi

Soils Sustainability Specialist

Let’s travel to India again, to Kolkata more precisely, to meet Suvadip, our Soils Sustainability Specialist. You guessed it from his title; Soil Science, Sustainable Agriculture Practices, monitoring and quantification of soil carbon pools and GHG fluxes hold no secrets for Suvadip. You could say climate geek, we say Subject Matter Expert.

Dr Suvadip – have we mentioned he holds a PhD in Environmental Science? – joined SustainCERT over a year ago. He uses his research expertise and technical knowledge to make sure that, when it comes to soils related emissions reduction and removals, our verification solutions track with cutting-edge approaches and deliver the highest level of quality and credibility.

When he is not deep in soil sustainability, Suvadip likes spending time with his family. From playing with his son in the open air to enjoying relaxing weekends at home watching movies, playing sports or listening to music, he always finds ways to spend quality time with his loved ones.

  • Why does bringing credibility to climate action matter to you?

Science-based and technology-driven solutions are of paramount importance under this challenging and unpredictable climate scenario. The need to achieve net zero is evident and only possible through transparent and credible actions focusing on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

  • What is your favourite family tradition?

My favourite tradition stems from Kolkata (West Bengal, India). Every year with my family and relatives, like all other Bengalis, celebrate Durga Puja, our biggest cultural tradition. During the festival, which marks the ten-day worship of the Hindu mother goddess Durga, all urban areas get filled with large-scale installations and pavilions, as well as the sound of traditional Bengali drumming and veneration of the goddess.

  • What do you like doing in your free time?

Apart from Studies/Research, there may not be just one but several activities that are of interest to me, e.g., watching good science-fiction movies, playing and watching soccer, listening to songs, nature trails, travelling to hills, mountains, forests, beaches and historical places, as well as reading the adventures of Tintin.

  • Would you rather wake up to the smell of autumn every day, or wake to the smell of spring every day? Why?

I love both seasons in Bengal, Eastern India. Unique but very different changes manifest in surrounding nature; they look awesome! They soothe the eyes and inner soul.