Rules & Requirements


This document, released in 2024, provides companies with the guiding principles and requirements to define, design, and enable the accounting of interventions, as well as include them in emissions reporting.

These requirements are supplementary to and to be used in conjunction with the accounting approaches provided in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) Corporate Value Chain Scope 3 Calculation Guidance.


Projects are obliged to comply with v0.91 from 1st January 2025, with the exception of projects that:

  • Have an MSA/SOW specifying the use of Requirements version 0.9.
  • Are already in the trajectory prior to launch (including capacity building, discovery, QA review, and/or audit phases). This means any of these phases were completed, ongoing, and/or not begun at launch (e.g., waiting for next verification).

Existing projects, as specified above, may continue using the previous version (0.9). These new Requirements do not conflict with the previous version. Clients with existing projects may voluntarily shift to the Requirements version 0.91, which may incur a transition fee. Newly onboarded clients will need to align with these Requirements.

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