Bringing together industry experts, climate frontrunners and carbon geeks to explore Net Zero implementation challenges and promising approaches or innovation that can help overcome them.

How To Net Zero


How to Net Zero is our in-house podcast, bringing together industry experts and climate frontrunners to explore the challenges we face in implementing net zero and dive into how we can collectively drive forward decarbonization.

We explore questions such as: how can we zero out emissions? How can we formulate and accurately measure progress against targets and goals? And how can we ensure claims about emission reductions can be trusted?

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Meet Your hosts

Marion Verles

Marion Verles

CEO of SustainCERT – an impact verification organization on a mission to bring credibility to climate action through digital verification.

Marion is a climate and sustainable development entrepreneur, and has worked for 20 years to transform the impact industry to become more accessible, transparent and scalable.

She takes a systems-thinking approach to tackling the challenge of aligning economic prosperity with planetary prosperity, which spawned her vision for SustainCERT. 

Lucy Von Sturmer

Lucy Von Sturmer

Lucy von Sturmer is initiator of global non-profit intelligence network Creatives for Climate, and Founder of The Humblebrag, an award-winning communications agency and training academy using visibility and media impact as tools for change.

Lucy is a climate communications expert, business activist and impact entrepreneur, recognized by The University of Auckland as a ‘40 Under 40’ change-maker, and by Forbes as a new leader transforming business for good.

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