Enabling credible Scope 3 claims towards Net Zero

Join us for the VCI upcoming webinar in which we’ll present our latest publication on credible claims and discuss the meaning of co-claiming in shared value chains.  

Companies are facing growing scrutiny around the credibility of climate and net-zero claims. In 2021 research by the European Commission and national consumer authorities showed that 42% of green claims were exaggerated, false, or deceptive, flagging greenwashing on an industrial scale.  

Misleading or unsubstantiated claims not only risk a company's reputation but also undermine consumer trust and endanger regulatory compliance with developing regulations like the European Commission's Directive on Green Claims. As a result, there is a growing urgency to ensure accuracy, integrity, and credibility in climate-related claims. 

We will present our groundbreaking publication and dive deep into the complexities of Scope 3 claims, addressing the practical challenges and opportunities when it comes to claiming impact by two or more organisations within the same value chain for their Scope 3 Category of their GHG inventory.  

Our panel of experts will be discussing how to achieve build the case for value chain interventions for emission reductions and removals with a focus on enabling credible co-claiming of impact and investments.  
Sign up for our webinar as we explore innovative solutions to collaboratively drive meaningful, scalable, and credible decarbonisation efforts across sectors.  


  • Introduction VCI and Claims Lab  
  • Publication’s presentation: Building the case for value chain interventions: enabling credible co-claiming of impact and investments  
  • Q&A session 
  • Panel discussion - Decoding Scope 3 complexity: building trust in collaborative co-claiming for Net-Zero commitments 

Francesca Palamidessi, Senior Manager VCI Secretariat, SustainCERT 
Silvana Paniagua, Director Development VCI, SustainCERT 
Patrick Mallet, Director Innovation, ISEAL Alliance  – invited 
Khaoula Essoussi, Sustainability Manager, Danone 
Autumn Fox, Climate Sustainability Senior Manager, Mars 
Nancy Meyer, Global Director of Climate & Energy, Responsible Supply Chain, Nike - invited