Net Zero value chains - Enabling collaboration to unlock value chain decarbonisation at scale

For many companies, Scope 3 emissions account for more than 75% of their carbon footprint - rising to as much as 99% for some sectors. Tackling these emissions is critical if we are to make Net Zero a reality, and while large corporates are setting Scope 3 targets and committing to decarbonizing their value chains, many businesses are still struggling to take action.

Scope 3 emissions are by nature a collective challenge, and a complex one. Getting answers and solutions to achieve Scope 3 emission reductions and credibly report on the impact achieved is an absolute priority, and it has been a key focus of the Value Change Initiative since 2017. Since then, we have focused on making Scope 3 operationable trough the implementation of Market Based Mechanisms.

On September 20, join us for Climate Week’s premier Scope 3 event. Together with leading experts and companies, let’s explore and discuss solutions to accelerate action when traceability is imperfect, enable collaboration and partnerships, and make Net Zero value chains a reality in today’s Scope 3 landscape.