Meet Mathilde, the product manager who never eats junk food

Mathilde works out of Luxembourg as a Product Manager. In her role, she ensures that the products we build meet the needs of those who will use them. Her work is all about understanding our customers' and partners' needs, getting the team excited about building a product to match those needs. For that purpose, Mathilde’s organizational skills and unfettered enthusiasm are the perfect combination.

Mathilde is originally from France but grew up and lived all over. With a dual background in Business Administration and Information Systems, she started her career as a Scrum Master – yes, that’s a thing – and project coordinator before switching to product. Passion is probably the common denominator in everything Mathilde does. Be it at work or during her free time, she enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends or doing CrossFit.

Why does bringing credibility to climate action matter to you?

Climate actions cannot be a trendy hashtag anymore, younger generations are counting on us to raise the bar not just on the scale, but also the quality of climate action. It’s the only way to truly ensure their future is not jeopardized.


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done or seen before?

Travelled all over the world with my family thanks to my dad’s work.


What is your favorite family tradition?

Crêpes every Sunday evening! Who wouldn’t love that? As a kid, we used to have this tradition in my family.


Would you rather go without TV or junk food for the rest of your life? Why?

Without both honestly! I never had a TV growing up as we used to watch a movie on a PC, and I don’t eat junk food!


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